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Kaleidoscopic Revelation (2004), for chamber orchestra, duration: 6 minutes

Multiple Monotony (2005), for 13 individual solo voices, duration: 10 minutes

Creation (2006), for flute, violin, piano and cello, duration: 6 minutes


Multiple Infection (2010) for clarinet, piano, percussion and cello, duration: 7'40 minutes. 

Listen to a live performance here

If you can (2010-11), for mezzo soprano and bass clarinet, duration: 6 minutes

Contrasting Spectrum (2011), for flute, clarinet, piano, violin and cello, duration: 10'40 minutes

Four Studies in Interaction (2012), for alto sax, percussion and piano, duration: 6 minutes

Splintering Factions (2012), for chamber orchestra, duration: 5'40 minutes


The Lord is my Shepherd (2013), for SATB choir, duration: 5 minutes

Chinese Whispers (2013), for violin and viola, duration: 4'20 minutes

Memoriam Retinebimus (2014), for unaccompanied SATB choir, duration: 8 minutes

Listen to the piece here

Sporos (2014-15), for string quartet, duration: 15 minutes

Revelation (2015), for flute, marimba, prepared piano and cello, duration: 5 minutes

Relentless Continuum (2015), movement 1, for symphony orchestra, duration: 7 minutes. Relentless Continuum was broadcast on BBC Radio 3's Hear and Now on Saturday 7th February 2016.

Listen to an excerpt here

Jubilate (2016-17) for chamber orchestra. Premiere by LPO on 12/07/2017.

Remember for soprano, flute, clarinet, tenor saxophone, violin and viola. Listen to an excerpt here

Towards hope for flute, viola, clarinet and dancer. Listen to the piece here

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