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Here are some recordings and excerpts of Yvonne's work:

Multiple Infection (2010) for clarinet, cello, percussion, piano (Performed by Psappha) - LISTEN HERE

Memoriam Retinebimus (2014) for choir and solo group (Performed by the Cosmo singers conducted by Rory Johnston. - LISTEN HERE

Relentless Continuum (2015-16) for orchestra. (Performed by BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Clark Rundell) - LISTEN HERE

Remember (2017) for soprano, flute, clarinet, tenor saxophone, violin and viola. (Performed by Ensemble Atlantica) - LISTEN HERE

Towards Hope (2018) for flute, viola, clarinet and dancer. (Performed by members of the London Symphony Orchestra, Heather Roche, (clarinet) Anna Bastow (viola) and Stuart McIlwham (flute) and Katarzyna Witek who choreographed and performed the dance sections.  - LISTEN HERE

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